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Bring Nature’s Beauty Indoors with Our Natural Hardwood Flooring

Lauderhill in Camino

We Make Natural Hardwood Flooring Even Better

There’s nothing quite like natural hardwood flooring. It’s beautiful, durable, and long-lasting, and it adds value to your home. But it does have some concerns, namely water and scratching.

The good news is that our engineered wood floors diminish those concerns. Our engineered hardwoods feature a durable plywood core with a top layer of natural hardwood. That core delivers greater stability to your flooring, meaning it’s less likely to expand and contract when exposed to moisture, humidity, and temperature extremes.

So you get natural hardwood flooring that’s even better than nature intended.

Are Engineered Wood Floors Natural Hardwood?

The simple answer is yes. Engineered wood floors come from the same trees and species as solid hardwood floors. But rather than using one solid piece of wood, they use a natural hardwood top layer.

That layer includes popular flooring options like oak, maple, hickory, walnut, and more. You get the durability inherent in each of those wood species. But, more importantly, you get the same graining, textures, and colors of genuine hardwood.

You’ll also save money because engineered wood flooring uses less wood than solid hardwood. So imagine all the beauty of natural hardwood flooring made even more affordable.

Engineered Wood Improves Water Resistance

Wood floors naturally absorb water. That’s why it’s a good idea to wipe up spills quickly. Otherwise, your floor’s planks can cup or warp.

Our engineered wood floors make that less troublesome. Their plywood core can handle water concerns more readily than solid hardwood. So, spills and high humidity become less of a problem.

And that means you can put our natural hardwood floors anywhere in your house.

Use our Natural Hardwood Collections Anywhere in Your Home

Engineered hardwood doesn’t expand and contract nearly as much as solid wood. And that means you can put natural hardwood floors anywhere – including your basement.

Plus, our engineered wood floors install easily. They use an interlocking system that simplifies installation. You also have different options for installing the flooring, including nailing, stapling, gluing, or floating them.

Our Maximus Aluminum Oxide Finish Resists Scratches and Handles High Traffic

What happens when you take already durable natural hardwood and couple it with our unique aluminum oxide finish? You get natural hardwood flooring that’s even more durable.

Our engineered wood flooring collections can handle any traffic you throw at them. As a result, you’ll get less wear and tear from daily activities. Fewer scratches. Fewer dents. Fewer scuffs. So, your natural hardwood floors will look great, even years down the road.

We’re so confident in our finish that we back our flooring with a 50-year residential warranty. After all, why install beautiful natural hardwood flooring if you’re worried about it showing wear quickly?