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Can I install LM Flooring over radiant heat?

• It is highly recommended that the radiant heat system be designed to accept a wood floor.
• Use only the floating installation method.
• Relative humidity of the jobsite must be maintained between 35 - 55%.  Use of a humidification system may be required to maintain
   humidity level.  Failure to maintain the humidity range noted can result in excessive drying of the flooring which may lead to surface checking.
• The radiant heat system should be set to run at 2/3 maximum output for a minimum of 2 weeks prior to installation of flooring to further allow
   dissipation from the concrete slab.  This must be done in both warm and cold seasons.
• Before installation (5 days) reduce the temperature to 65º F and maintain temperature range of 64 - 68º F during the installation.
• After completion of the installation, wait 48 hours and then gradually raise the temperature of the heating system 2 - 3º F per day over a five day period
  until the preferred setting is reached.
Caution:  The floor surface must never exceed 80º F in temperature.
Room temperature should not vary more than 15º F from season to season.
Seasonal gapping should be expected.

Can I install my floor on the wall or as a backsplash?

LM Flooring floors are not recommended or warranted for installation on vertical surfaces, such as wall
coverings or backsplashes.